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A strong wind and threatened rain meant there were no warbirds visiting Sywell Aviation Museum for its Easter Saturday opening. But plenty of MVs supported the event with a dozen or so Jeeps, Dodge, a brace of Jimmies, two Land Rovers and two BSA WM20s. Also in attendance were the MVT's Huntingdon area, TTS, Brixworth Home Guard and elements of the Tommy Atkins Society. A special presentation was made to Carolyn Grace who has built a hangar next to the museum to hold her Spitfire, Seafire and other warbirds.

Carolyn Grace gets just the right sign for her new hangar

Members of the public braved the cold wind for the opening

BSA WM20 dispatch rider bikes frame the museum's entrance

Left and below, some the 13 Jeeps at the opening

Some of the Tommy Atkins Society keep warm

Left and below, inside the museum

Brixworth Home Guard on parade

... and with a VIP, a Burma veteran