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CVR(T)s firing in the arena

Americans versus the Viet Cong using an M113 armoured personnel carrier

The M113 was developed by the Food Machinery Corp (FMC) and first fielded by the US Army's mechan- ised infantry units in Vietnam in April 1962.

US Jackson tank destroyer firing

British Chieftain main battle tank

The Paras are here!

Jimmy and Diamond T in the arena

No idea what this is!

Ward La France wrecker

Unloading one of the heavies

Not much Vorsprung Durch Technik here .  . .

Foden recovery truck

Green Goddess

Daimler Ferret

Replica Messer- schmitt Bf 109e

Heavy on the move


Ferret and Foden in the arena

Saracen APC

The Ward La France is a BIG truck!

Foden DROPS system

Crew abandons the replica Panzer IV

Guess who climbed on to a tank?

CVR(T) Warriors in their impres- sive arena display


Flash bang wallop

CVR(T) threads its way between exposions

The big bang

Standard Flying Eight

USAF van

Austin Champ

Vietnam War re- enactors

Dodge Ram of the USAF

El Supremo and two of his minions

Ferret makes the backdrop to the new Mr and Mrs John Denney and best man Tim Webster

Herman the German is a regular and much- appreciat- ed visitor to Wicksteed at War

Our other official photo- grapher was Tim Cross - check out his pictures (see contents panel)