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HIGH-VIZ vests were awarded after a successful MVT Safety Training Day on Saturday, March 24, at Armour- geddon, Leicester- shire.
Members, area secretaries and members of CoM arrived from all over the country for the event, organised by MVT safety officer Tim Hawkes and supported by members of the South East Midlands Area, Armourgeddon and Graham Sykes Insurance.
Members learnt about event safety and the new MVT code of conduct, basic fire fighting, vehicle marshalling, data protection and radio etiquette.
The official 2018 MVT marshalling vests were awarded by MVT chairman Simon Johnson and SE Midlands secretary Neill Elliott.
At the end of the day a 432, driven by SE Midlands Area's Heather Bailey, demonstrated how dangerous tracked vehicles can be by running over a dummy which then became tangled in the tracks.
A big thank you goes to the instructors, Armourgeddon and Graham Sykes. Pictures by Tim Cross

Guiding a Land Rover between cones

Talks on data safety and the new code of conduct formed part of the course

The 2018 high-viz vests are handed out

A small child on a tricycle - fortun- ately only a dummy - is totally invisible to the 432 driver and is about to be run over

. . . and gets tangles up in the tracks

The class of 2018