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Welcome to the website of the MVT's South East Midlands Area. Our members look after and restore a whole range of ex-military vehicles with both UK and overseas origins. Vehicles include the well known Jeep through to tanks, transporters, lorries, Land Rovers, motor bikes, the humble folding bicycle and range from pre-First World War to the present day.
Local areas hold informal monthly meetings that provide a forum for members to discuss just about any topic they want. Wherever you are, you can be sure there is another member who can help or who knows someone who can.

Our meetings are usually held at the Aviator pub, Sywell Aerodrome, near Northampton, at 8pm on the first Thursday of the month (but not January). Just go into the bar and ask for directions to the MVT meeting room. Check first with the Diary section in case the venue or date has changed.
The MVT's main website is at www.mvt.org.uk
Last mvtsem.com site update: 14-11-17

If you would like to be notified via email when the MVTSEM website is updated, please send an email requesting this to petegerry@btinternet.com including your name and MVT membership number. By doing this you are consenting to the webmaster keeping your name and email address on a database. Your email address will not be shared with any third party.



The December meeting will feature a quiz, buffet and Secret Santa. Please bring a small present if you are able to.
Left is an example of what you may face in the quiz. Can to tell what it is?


OUR friends at Sywell Aviation Museum are holding another of their popular fund-raising talks on Sunday, November 26, at 14.30hrs. This time it’s "Flying the RAF Buccaneer and Exercise Red Flag" by Keith Breadmore.
Red Flag 1977 was the first joint exercise with the USAF operating out of Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, just outside Las Vegas. The RAF contingent was to attack various targets and the USAF was to defend them - but they had not come across anything quite like the RAF Buccaneer.
Having served with 208 Squadron RAF and flying hundreds of hours on the Buccaneer, Keith presents a personal view of this famous aircraft and the human side of operations. As a pilot in the first RAF detachment to participate in the American Exercise Red Flag, this illustrated talk also covers the Squadron, the preparation, the two weeks of those operations, and the legacy of their success.
Admission is £5 per person and the talk is in the Cirrus Room, The Aviator Hotel, Sywell.


The famous Roger's Road Run will be on Sunday, January 14, starting at 1030-ish at Jack's Hill Cafe on the A5, just north of Tow- cester. Roger says the soup is on and he's scraped the mould off some mince pies left over from 2017. As usual, there will be a mystery destination and finally a late lunch at a pub. Be aware there is a 12ft 3ins height restriction en route, so no double-decker buses please!


Our March 2018 monthly meeting will be addressed by World War Two Lancaster pilot Rusty Waugh-    man, left, of 101 special duties squadron. We are told that, although being 93, he is still as sharp as a pin.
Rusty was one of the lucky ones who returned from the infamous Nuremberg raid on March 30, 1944. More Allied aircrew died in that single night than the total RAF losses during the whole of the summer-long Battle of Britain.
The raid that evening began as a run-of-the-mill operation the RAF and United States Air Force were undertaking every week. It ended with Bomber Command’s heaviest losses of the war and in one pilot being awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross.  

Lancaster of 101 Squardron RAF


Nick Thomas has produced a booklet on British Army Jeeps and he's keen to come up with a definitive list of British Army Jeep survivors. Please check out his website (www. britishjeep.com) and the BAJR Facebook group (https://www. facebook.com/ groups/4245616
44379118/). If you have an ex-British Army Jeep, please let him know via the contacts page of his website or via Facebook.

Not all Jeeps had stars on the bonnet (hood)

This is the info that Nick is looking for


SE Midlands members should keep a note of their MV mileage during all of 2017 as we are starting a Wilkinson Sword-type comp- etition, based on miles travelled to and from meets and shows.
Unlike the main MVT comp- etition, this will be open to all MVs, not just wartime.
You must be affiliated to the SE Midlands Area to take part and the winner will be announced at the February 2018 meeting.


We want to know what South East Midlands Area members have lurking in their garages and sheds, so please send us a picture and short write-up of your green machine. We'll put them on the Members' Vehicles section. Email the webmaster at petegerry@btinternet.com and attach a jpeg picture. Or you could bring along a photograph and description to a monthly meeting.


An Army surplus and military clothing and equipment store in North- ampton is offering a 10 per cent discount for MVT members on production of your member- ship card.
Combat Cellar is in The Maltings, St James Road, which is part of the Westbridge filling station and taxi compound, just down the hill from Northampton Station. There is parking right outside.
Opening times are pictured.
The website is www.combatcellar.com


If you consider yourself in the South East Midlands Area, it is vital that you affiliate yourself to the area. Only those who have affiliated can stand for office, vote at meetings or take part in the mileage award. It's easy to do, just go onto the main MVT website (www.mvt.org.uk) and click on the "Membership" tab. Then click on "Affiliate to an Area" tab. Fill in the form, selecting "South East Midlands" and submit it. It only takes a few minutes.



Our meetings are usually held at the Aviator pub, Sywell Aerodrome, near Northampton, at 8pm on the first Thursday of the month (but not January). Just go into the bar and ask for directions to the MVT meeting room. Check first with the Diary section in case the venue or date has changed.


Opinions expressed on this website are those of the authors and not necessarily of the Military Vehicle Trust or the MVT South East Midlands Area.